Our main workshop is located at the gates of Sologne, not far from Orleans and the Chateaux of the Loire Valley and it is home to our artisans who masterfully create exceptional furniture.


Design Office

Our design office allows us to create new models that enrich our catalog each year. The office is also at your service to create tailor-made furniture. We propose hand drawings at 1 / 10th and 1 scale as well as digital 3D plans.


The manufacture of our furniture requires no less than ten exceptional skills, including the famous pad varnish. It is this very skill that has earned Maison Taillardat the label of Living Heritage Company today.

Cabinetmaking and Sculpture

Varnish, Painted Wood and Patina

Marquetery and Gilding

Made by our workshops Craman Lagarde and Vernaz & Filles

Leather sheathing, Bronze mounting and Tapestry

Materials and Finishes

Our color chart