Les meubles divers

A game table has a top in marquetery which varies from one game to the next (chess, draughts or backgammon...).The dressing table resembles a desk but its top is divided in three parts : a central folding leaf with a mirror on the inside & two storage spaces on either side for make up. An other stately piece of furniture the corner table is either angular or round with drawers underneath.


Bookcase Axel Bookcase Guillaume Bookcase Hubert Bookcase Lebrun Bookcase Lebrun Bookcase Lebrun Bookcase Tallien Bookcase Vigée Lebrun Bookcase Vigée Lebrun

   Dressing tables

Dressing table Audrey Dressing table  Elsa Coiffeuse GabriellaDressing table Henriette Dressing table Oriane Dressing table Ancellet


birckle irene duplessis duplessis  Duplessis joubert laporte molitor molitor2 paul rochambeau romain Saint Cloud meuble TV sidney Theodore vianney

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