COLLECTION : Louis XV, Louis XVI, Empire console tables

The console tables

Usually placed against a wall, the console table is an important decorative element. This versatile piece of furniture is generally used to display precious ornaments. It often has a marble top. Bronze additions, a decor either painted, sculpted or gilded will highlight its design.

Console Adelaide Console Alexandra Console Amélie Console Amélie Console Amélie Console Amélie Console Astrid Console Brumaire avec bronzes Console Brumaire sans bronzes Console Carlin Console Carlin Console Carlotta Console Celia Console Celia noire Console Christine Console Damien Console Dauphine Console Diane Console Edwige Console Fabergé Console Fidia Console Ingrid Console Ingrid laquée Console Magalie Console Marcilly Console Moustiers Console Moustiers Console Paloma Console Saint Just Console Sophie Console Volga

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